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Maya Wrap Baby Slings
Simply the best way to carry your baby!

Blue Sky has 9 colours available!
But be quick, stock in some colours won't last!

The beauty of the Maya Wrap Baby Sling is that you stay in direct contact with your baby for constant bonding and comforting. Using a Maya Wrap Baby Sling, your baby will
* cry less and be more content
* feel more secure which helps boost trust and self-esteem
* develop good muscle tone and balance responding to the body movements of Mum or Dad
* spend more time in a state of quiet alertness -- the optimal state for neural development
* have increased visual alertness and frequent eye-contact with Mum or Dad
* be able to breastfeed anytime or anywhere in complete privacy

The Maya Wrap Baby Sling is:

Versatile - It is usable in front, hip, back, reclining, nursing, and kangaroo carry positions. Additionally, it can be used as a harness, shopping cart strap, lightweight blanket and more.

Adjustable - Each edge of the baby sling can be adjusted independently, allowing a perfectly customized fit.

Great for both Mum and Dad - The long tail of The Maya Wrap Baby Sling allows larger people to wear it. The lack of padding allows it to be tightened enough to fit small people.

Perfect for breastfeeding mothers - Mum can drape the tail of the Maya Wrap baby sling over her shoulder for complete coverage if desired.

Convenient - Small enough to fit in your bag. Have it on hand ready for use anytime, anywhere. You can also transition a sleeping baby easily from a carrying position onto the bed without removing baby from the sling so as not to wake baby. See instructional video/DVD below for details.

Safe - Maya Wrap Baby Slings have been tested and can withstand in excess of 100lbs(45kgs). 35lbs (15kgs) is the recommended carrying weight limit.

Long lasting - The Maya Wrap Baby Sling can be used while your child grows from infant to toddler (35 lbs/15kgs).

Some parents with babies who are difficult to settle, babies with colic or reflux, or babies who seem easily over-stimulated, find the Maya Wrap Baby Sling helps to calm and relax their babies. When you have a baby that needs a lot of holding, putting the baby into the sling while attending to other tasks can be a real sanity-saver!

Maya Wrap Baby Slings are sewn from beautiful 100% cotton hand loomed Guatemalan fabric which is cool, breathable and comfortable. There is no bulky padding so you can easily wear a coat or jacket over it in winter, or fit it into your bag when you go out. It also makes carrying your baby in the hot and humid Japanese summers more bearable than a padded sling! With a convenient Maya Wrap baby sling, there is no need for large, heavy strollers, and it makes travelling in Japan on public transport a whole lot easier!

Blue Sky is an independent distributor of Maya Wrap Baby Slings, and at present stocks the Medium size Maya Wrap Baby Sling, which fits most people, in 10 different fabrics. The Medium is for parents from 154cms to 178cms tall. Blue Sky can place special orders for larger or smaller sizes as required. The difference in sizes is in the tail length only, a variation of about 15cm, which is mostly relevant if you are looking to use the tail for breastfeeding coverage. The Dad in the picture above is about 2m tall and using a medium sling.

Maya Wrap Baby Slings are 8500yen plus shipping.

How to wear your Maya Wrap Baby Sling. Full length instructional videos and region free DVDs featuring detailed demonstrations and great tips are available from Blue Sky or email for links to online instructions.

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