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La Leche League International's web site contains a wealth of breastfeeding information and answers to frequently asked questions. For details of La Leche League Tokyo Central group please go here. Monthly meetings are held in Shibuya.

Kellymom is an IBCLC-run website developed to provide evidence-based information on breastfeeding, sleep and parenting. Excellent articles and links to references for both professionals and parents.

Babycafe Japan blog the online spot for babies and breastfeeding in Japan. Articles, books, and other links and information.

International Lactation Consultant Association for more information on the role and responsibilities of Lactation Consultants, or to find one near you

IBLCE Office for a register of IBCLCs in the region and for details on how to become a Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Japanese Association of Lactation Consultants (in Japanese) for information about IBCLCs and their work in Japan, seminars and resources in Japanese

Having a Baby in Tokyo

Childbirth Education Center Childbirth classes run by ICEA certified instructor Brett Iimura. She has taught over 1000 couples in Tokyo since 1997.

Tokyo Pregnancy group A casual group with regular speakers on pregnancy, child birth and related topics

Raising Kids in Tokyo

Tokyo British Clinic run by British General Practitioner, Dr Gabriel Symonds, offers shared antenatal care, and also postnatal and paediatric care, well-baby and developmental assessments and routine childhood immunizations including HIB and Meningoccocal vaccines

Tokyo Mothers Group a new site with forums for information, mailing lists and playgroups around Tokyo

Tokyo Families online version of the magazine with lots of snippets of information for living in Tokyo with children.

Study in Australia

STA Travel Information (in Japanese) for English study programs with homestays in Australia (or New Zealand or Canada) for parents and kids together, or for older kids alone. English information on all air tickets, tours and accommodation. For the best deals, contact Ohyama-san.

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