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The breastfeeding assistance and advice provided by Blue Sky Lactation Consultants may not be construed as medical advice.

We cannot weigh your baby nor perform any sort of physical check. These things need to be done by your baby's doctor or at your baby's clinic.

If you are concerned about your breastfeeding situation, or about your health or the health of your child, please do not wait for us to respond. Call your local health care provider immediately. If your baby is listless, feverish, lethargic or unable to keep feeds down, seek medical help or emergency care immediately in your local area.

Computers and electronic communication can sometimes be unreliable. Sometimes we may not be able to contact you as quickly as we would like to due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Please note that the Blue Sky lactation consultant working with you provides answers and draws up a suggested plan which address your individual situation, based on the information you have provided. Because each mother and baby pair is unique, our response may not be appropriate for other mothers.

Payment of the skype fee and completion of the pre-consultation form constitutes acceptance of this disclaimer.


Your privacy is important to us. Blue Sky will never release your contact details without your express permission. If a situation arises where your case history needs to be shared with your or your baby's health care provider, we will always ask for your permission first.

Your credit card details are not known to us, as all financial transactions are handled by PayPal.

No photographic, video or audio recordings are made of any Blue Sky skype lactation consultations.

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